Repatriation of cremated remains
UK & worldwide door to door

Repatriation of Cremated Remains

MBS specialises in the repatriation of cremated remains for funeral directors.

We understand that you are trusting us with a very precious cargo; once it has left your hands, you can consider it delivered, whether it's bound for Sydney or Sydenham, Berlin or Birmingham, Gdansk or Glasgow.

Shipping internationally can be complex at the best of times and that's all the more true when you're dealing with the repatriation of cremated remains. Luckily, at MBS we know the ropes. We will take care of the complexities of paperwork for your shipment of ashes and make sure that any potential delays are avoided.

We ship door to door, making the repatriation of cremated remains from the United Kingdom to any worldwide destination as simple as possible, without ever trivialising the importance of the service to the bereaved.

Down to Earth Prices

When we asked our valued client Nick Gandon of Simplicity Cremations for his comments on MBS, he remarked on "both cost savings and excellent service" and paid tribute to our "wealth of experience" in the repatriation of cremated remains at what he called "down to earth" prices.